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Ichiro the kid magnet

This is a news clip from 2001 when Ichiro visited a local elementary school in Seattle. You can see how excited those kids were to see him and how much he enjoyed being there. It was sooo sweet when he went into the audience and just group hugged the kids. This one kid wouldn't let go of him. I wouldn't have let him go either, hehe.

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Ichiro's high school days

Check out this collection YouTube clips from Ichiro's high school baseball days. He was so tiny!

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1995 Nissan CM

It's funny to see Ichiro in lame commercials like this. Bet he would cringe if he ever sees this again.

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More videos

More clips from Japan:

Ichi's three hits and post-game interview

This video is kind of choppy for some reason, but it has some nice clips of Ichiro at the parade and walking the red carpet.

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All-Star videos

Tons of clips from the all-star game are already up on YouTube. They'll probably be gone soon since MLB has been cracking down on YouTube. Check them out while you still can.

The inside-the-park homer. Ichiro hit it far but it bounced off the weird wall.

Japanese broadcast version of Ichiro's in-side-the-parker. I love how excited the announcers were.

MVP Interview. Don't think Ichiro needs a new car.

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The brawl

The clip's already up on YouTube. You can listen to the A's announcers being super stupid too in this clip. Yeah, Blaton didn't do ANTYHING wrong. *roll eyes*

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Ichiro's Bootcamp

I found this clip hilarious. If you live in Japan, you'd know about Billy's Bootcamp, a ubiquitous infomercial on Japanese tv. While I find Billy and his over-enthusiasm and over-exposure annoying, I love this clip with Ichiro stretching his heart out. THIS bootcamp I'll gladly join. :)

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2007 M's commercial outtakes

A very cool clip of Ichiro and J.J. (and some other guy) shooting the latest Mariners commercial. Is there a more accurate non-pitcher throwing arm than Ichiro's in baseball? I actually saw this on TV here in Japan. Don't think it has ever been aired in North America. Thank goodness for YouTube!

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Funny commercial

From 1996:

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Daisuke vs Ichiro

This is a great video showing the few times Ichiro and Daisuke Matsuzaka battled it out in Japan. The Japanese TV keeps showing Ichiro getting struck out three times in a row the first time he faced Daisuke Matsuzaka. At least they showed Ichiro hitting a homer against him this time. Anyway, it's good stuff. Check it out.

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