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Japan is the world champion!

Congrats to Japan and Ichiro for winning the first WBC tournament!!

Congrats to Cuba for having played a great game and for being a classy opponent. They proved themselves to be winners even when they lost the game. How do I know the WBC is a success? I know it when I see the Cuban players lining up to congratulate Team Japan after they lost, and I know it when I see the Cuban players taking pictures with Ichiro during the celebration. If this is not the spirit of international competition, I don't know what is. And yes, I'm calling Japan the world champion because the World Series is a ridiculous title for a national tournament. This is the true World Series!

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Japan won!!

What a turn of event. The Korean team goes home and Japan is going to the finals after alomst being eliminated from the WBC. I thought it was respectful of the Japanese team to not rob it in after they won the game (ie, making a vicotry lap around the field or planting their flag on the pitcher's mount). They won, and the acted like winners. I also have to hand it to the Korean fans. Although I dislike their overt nationalistic antagonism towards Ichiro and Japan, their enthusiasm for their team was infectious. I didn't see any fans leaving the ballpark after Japan scored their 6 runs. They stuck around and rooted for their team, just like any loyal fans would do. If it was a ML game, lots of fans would've left the minute they realized this game was lost, but not those Korean fans. They are true fans, and the Korean team has done them proud.

Now, it's the Japanese team's turn to do their country proud. It all comes down to that final game against Cuba.

Go Japan!

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6-0 Japan!

The game's on rain delay right now, but there are only 2 innnings to go when the game resumes. Ichiro went 3-4, with 2 SB and 1 RBI. Sweeet! The Korean team looks like they are in shock. Too bad for them, but I'm not gonna pretend I'm not ridiculously happy right now. Korea has been great so far in this tournament, but it's Japan's time to shine. The game's not over yet though. I hope the rain would just stop and let this be over and done with.

Go Ichiro!

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US just lost to Mexico, and JAPAN GOT IN TO THE SEMIS!!!!!!!

Wow. Just wow.

When I last made the post about Japan losing to Korea, I thought Japan was done, but as it turned out, mathematically they're ranking higher than US since US just lost to Mexico. Don't ask me how it works because I've no idea, and I don't give a damn! JAPAN IS IN!! Oh.. this makes me ridiculously happy. Just when I thought all hopes are lost. And seriously, who would've thought Mexico would beat the US? This tournament has turned out to be full of amazing drama. Man, what a sweet revenge. As far as I'm concerned, Japan should've won the game against the US and advanced to the semis anyway, so this is probably the best news since Ichiro broke the all-time hit record!

Ok, someone posted this explanation of how the math works .... man, it's friggin' close!

As near as I can figure it:

The US advances to the semifinals if it beats Mexico or loses to Mexico 1-0.

If Mexico beats the United States and scores >2 runs while doing so, then Japan advances to the semifinals.

If Mexico beats US by exactly 2-0, or 2-1, then whichever team, US or Japan, has better higher (ERA or batting avg? I'm not sure) advances to the semifinals.

Wow ... what are the chances huh?

I'm flabbergasted.

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Japan's gone

Damn it! Japan lost 2-1 to Korea. Now they are officially eliminated from the WBC. ARGHGHHH!!!

The Korean team deserved the win. They are a really good ball club, but the way the Korean fans booed Ichiro whenever he came up to bat doesn't sit well with me at all. Don't they know they are being manipulated by the Korean media? What a bunch of morons. Ichiro looked pissed off at one point (I think he swore to the fans when he thought they interferred when he was trying to catch a foul ball at the fence). Man, I've never seen him like that. He must be really upset right now. I think Japan would've advanced to the semis if their other ML superstars like Matsui had played for them (or thae The Bad Call had never happened, but I'll refrain from getting into that again). Now that Ichiro has to shoulder all the responsibility and take all the heat from losing to Korea and getting knocked out of the semis when he was the only Japanese Major Leaguer who came home to play for Japan. What a shame.

Would he be back with the Mariners now at the Spring Training camp? I guess so. I hope he doesn't get too upset over this and let it affect his game this year.

Team Japan, you guys fought hard and played great games. Along with Korea, Japan has proved that Asian baseball is just every bit as good as American baseball, and that makes me very proud.

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Japan vs Mexico

Japan is beating Mexico right now 5-0.

By the way, who else was happy that Korea beat US? I wish it was Japan, but I guess Korea would do. Now they just need to lose to Japan the next game!

Go Japan!

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Japan was robbed!

Japan didn't lose. The umpire made a wrong call that robbed Japan of the victory against the USA. Shameful way for the US to win in my opinion. Fuck the result! Team Japan did their country proud. It was an exciting game, but a tainted win for the US.

Go Japan!

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Japan vs US

I woke up (it's Sunday!), checked the WBC website, and this is what I saw: 1-0 Japan, courtesy of Ichiro's first-pitch homer! What a great way to start off the game/day. As I'm typing, Japan just scored 2 more runs. Go Japan!

Oh oh .. Japan is in trouble right now ... USA two on, two out, and a pass ball! C'mon, Japan!

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