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The only highlight of this season?

Back to back wins in exciting fashions warrant a rare post about the M's. They actually beat a good team, the Minnesota Twins, and did it with flair. Twice. More importantly, Ichiro's finally starting to to heat up and collect his hits like he's capable of. He went 2-4 with 3 runs in tonight's game and brought his average up to .307. Let's keep it going, Ichi!

The M's will play the Twins tomorrow at 1:40PM PDT to wrap up the 3-game series. Will they accomplish the improbable and sweep the red hot Twins? I doubt it, but after the first two games, I have hope that they might not suck as bad as usual.

Go Ichiro!


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Ichiro the kid magnet

This is a news clip from 2001 when Ichiro visited a local elementary school in Seattle. You can see how excited those kids were to see him and how much he enjoyed being there. It was sooo sweet when he went into the audience and just group hugged the kids. This one kid wouldn't let go of him. I wouldn't have let him go either, hehe.

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Ichiro's high school days

Check out this collection YouTube clips from Ichiro's high school baseball days. He was so tiny!

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[Daily Pic] Just Chilling


Ichiro looks relaxed at the dugout during a spring training game.

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Suzuki Is Nearing Milestones at an Unprecedented Pace

Check out this awesome article on Ichiro from New York Times.

The Japanese-born Suzuki, in his eighth season in the major leagues, is on the verge of several significant achievements. He entered the season 130 hits short of 3,000 for his two-country career and could become the youngest player in history to reach that professional milestone, although it would not be an official major league record. He is also approaching the most career hits for a Japanese player, needing 216.

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Back to back win!


The M's are finally playing like a competent Major League team, beating the Rays 7-1 in the second game of the series. Ichiro went only 1 for 5 but his double in the third inning was the first RBI of the game. He's average's back down to .308.

Will the Mariners sweep the Rays? Stay tuned for the series finality at 9:40AM PT tomorrow.

Go Ichiro!

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[Daily Pic] Global Force


Ichiro is the only one left of the 2001 Mariners team. It seems like such a long time go.

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A win!


Mariners beat the Rays 6-5. I wasn't able to watch the game on TV but it seemed like an exciting one. It was a good night for Ichiro, who went 3-5 with 2 runs. His batting average has climbed to .324 after tonight's game.

Hopefully this win is the beginning of something more encouraging from the Mariners. We shall see.

The second game of the series starts at 4:10PM PDT tomorrow as well.

Go Ichiro!

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[Daily Pic] Golden Finger


I like how Ichiro points to acknowledge the fans.

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The Mariners got swept by the Orioles. Pathetic.

Ichiro hit his first homer this season, so I guess the game wasn't a complete waste. Ichi went 2 for 5 and raised his average to .276. His homer was also his 1,600th hit in the Major League.

The Mariners are playing the Tampa Bay Rays tomorrow at 4:10PM PDT. Tune in for Ichiro because the M's are probably gonna be anything but watchable.

Go Ichiro!

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